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Alpine Immune Sciences

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Modern therapies targeting the immune synapse

We create modern, protein-based immunotherapies targeting the immune synapse to treat cancer, autoimmune disorders, and other diseases.

Founded in 2015 by the CEO responsible for the FDA’s approval of the world’s first cancer immunotherapy and experts in the field of recombinant protein-based immunotherapies. Alpine Immune Sciences was created to capitalize on our unique understanding of immunology, modifying the complexities of the immune synapse by utilizing a proprietary process of directed evolution.

vIgDTM Platform

Alpine’s powerful vIgDTM (variant immunoglobulin domain) platform is based upon proteins native to the immune synapse, re-engineered to engage multiple targets simultaneously. Our injectable, soluble proteins can be designed to treat cancer, autoimmune conditions, or infectious diseases.

The smaller size of vIgDs and the fact they are natural participants in the immune synapse potentially provide a mechanistic advantage over larger bispecific MAbs. Our vIgD platform utilizes directed evolution to engineer proteins with unique biology not seen in current approaches.

TIPTM Program

Alpine’s TIPTM (transmembrane immunomodulatory protein) program potentially enhances Engineered Cellular Therapies (ECTs). TIPs are based upon our core vIgD™ technology. The primary difference is vIgDs are stand-alone drugs while TIPs are engineered to become part of ECTs to potentially increase specificity, persistence, and/or efficacy.

ECTs are currently comprised of CAR-T, TCR, and TIL programs. Researchers in this area use immune system cells from a patient or a donor and engineer the cells to treat patients. Early data from these programs show great promise, particularly in hematologic cancers.