Join us in the discovery and development of next-generation immunotherapies.

Alpinists share a passion for meaningful work and are committed to solving the most complex problems in immunology to create new therapies for patients. We believe in innovative thinking, collaboration, flexibility, bias for action, and healthy debate. To foster our team of outstanding scientists and business professionals, we provide a premier work environment with a state-of-the-art lab and office spaces with truly inspiring views and an open design to facilitate teamwork. Our job listings are available below.

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Alpine is located in Seattle’s vibrant Eastlake neighborhood, the epicenter of biotech in Washington State.

Alpine Culture

We know that the people of Alpine are what makes this company a great place to work and succeed. Alpine’s collective values and personality – our company culture – is integral to how we operate.
Alpine’s culture is:

  • Inclusive – We encourage employees to bring their authentic selves and perspectives to their work.
  • Team-oriented – We emphasize and celebrate teamwork. We recognize and reward individual and team achievements and celebrate our successes together.
  • Transparent – We share information openly, broadly, and deliberately.
  • Dynamic – We value ingenuity, creativity, and integrity. We are nimble and quick in adapting to change and challenges.

We take care of our employees with a competitive benefits package which includes premium medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and their dependents, and FSA and 401(k) plans. We believe quality time outside the office is vital to our employees’ satisfaction at work. That’s why our flexible PTO plan encourages team members to take time off so they can come back refreshed. Alpine team members enjoy competitive salaries and equity participation (stock options).

We nurture Alpine’s culture in many ways, including all-company social events and happy hours, lunch-and-learn and education opportunities, interest groups like book club and movie nights, peer-to-peer recognition programs, a robust wellness program to help support physical, mental, and emotional health, and more.

Our office and lab are located in the blossoming biotech neighborhood of Eastlake in Seattle. Alpinists enjoy the flexibility to work onsite, remotely, or a hybrid schedule, with evolving options as we prioritize keeping Alpinists safe and healthy during the COVID pandemic. Onsite employees enjoy comfortable huddle rooms and Zoom Room-enabled conference rooms, a spacious breakroom and kitchen with a coffee bar and snacks, and rooftop access to enjoy gorgeous views of Lake Union and Gas Works Park.

With this approach, we are a nimble, courageous, creative, fun, flexible and success-driven organization.

Alpine’s DNA

  • We are better together
  • We are courageous
  • We are nimble and move quickly
  • We are scientific pioneers

You Are What Makes Alpine Great

“I knew I wanted to work at Alpine about 15 minutes into a 1-hour conversation with Stanford! I am a big fan of the underlying science, and I continue to be inspired by the significant benefits that bispecific therapies have for treating patients with significant unmet needs. I discovered quickly that it would be the people with whom I have the pleasure of working that I found most motivating. AIS has assembled a great collection of talented, experienced people and I feel fortunate to have these world-class folks as colleagues.”

Gary, Clinical Research

“At Alpine, I thoroughly enjoy our fast-paced work culture. I like the ownership that we all take for our work. Together we strive every day to make a difference in patients’ lives. Alpinists with great scientific minds, expertise in their respective areas and ‘one team’ attitude make me hopeful that we are empowered to have meaningful contributions in science. Apart from work, what I appreciate a lot is the fact that I am encouraged to take care of myself through initiatives like step challenge, yoga Fridays, etc. All in all, I feel fortunate to be working here at Alpine!”

Janhavi, Protein Therapeutics

“I am always amazed by how efficient and flexible we are at Alpine. I never imagined being able to run as many pharmacology studies as we do. Not only are we able to generate a ton of data, but we are also able to execute studies without mistakes. This wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t all able to work as a team as well as we do – we make it look so easy! On top of all this, there is never a dull moment. As much as we plan, a study can be taken in a completely different direction at any point. And we find the time to have fun and celebrate the achievements of one another, big and small.”

Kayla, Translational Sciences

“I like the mindset of the people in these labs. Everyone has the same mindset and goal of solving problems. I enjoy working with my colleagues and appreciate how smart and talented they are every day.”

Sherri, Translational Sciences

“Alpine has given me the opportunity to work and collaborate with many talented groups of people that offer a great deal of knowledge and experience. Learning and participating in applying those skills towards bettering lives and making a difference has been one of my main motivators.”

Ty, Accounting & Finance

“Working with such amazingly bright, caring, considerate, and engaging colleagues, and working on such incredibly interesting and promising projects motivates me so (+++) much!! Every day I realize how lucky I am to work at Alpine.”

Katherine, Translational Science

“Getting to spend every day at Alpine with such nice people. It’s a luxury I don’t take for granted. I get to have a bit of a bird’s eye view of all that is going on, and yet get to do small things that hopefully make an impact on the office. I’m in awe of the business and science work that happens every day!”

Kathy, Operations

“The team at Alpine is passionate and dedicated towards making advances in science to improve and save patients’ lives. They share this passion, work with a sense of urgency, and operate with a high level of excellence. It’s a privilege to work with everyone here on a daily basis."

Paul, Accounting & Finance

“What motivates me about working at Alpine? Developing new therapies to improve the lives of real patients that are suffering, problem solving every day with an incredibly smart, fun, and engaging team, meeting wonderful people and building long term relationships inside and outside of Alpine, and working at the leading-edge of immunobiology research.”

Remy, Operations

“I feel motivated at Alpine because everyone, including myself, is genuinely curious about the science world. On days that I’m stuck on a problem, somebody at work is willing to be my cheerleader. I strive to be a better teammate because of everyone’s determination to succeed and compassionate personalities.”

Rachel, Bioanalytical

“The most rewarding part of my career so far is the opportunity to learn and engage with an amazing set of coworkers and to work at a company that is developing therapies that will hopefully change people’s lives.”

Melissa, Regulatory

“It is a wonderful opportunity to work with such a talented group of people to bring great science into the clinic. The level of dedication and enthusiasm, combined with critical thinking, is motivating and awe-inspiring! Working at Alpine truly is a team effort, and I’m honored to be part of this team.”

Kay, Clinical Research

“I like the team spirit – there’s team ambition as opposed to individual ambition. In terms of priorities of how we make our decisions, we’re collaborative, honest, apolitical, and transparent. The focus is on the science and moving projects forward without biases introduced by people’s career aspirations.”

Joe, Protein Engineering

“My No. 1 motivation to work at Alpine is definitely the people that I am working with. Alpinists are so friendly, kind to each other, and very supportive.”

Hieu, Immunology

“When I interviewed at Alpine, I was very impressed by the experience. I felt I was in great company on the science side, and everyone seemed to be very professional and welcoming. It didn’t feel like I was interviewing – it felt like talking to people I’ve known for a long time.”

Carlos, CMC

“Alpine is my first biotech experience and I am constantly learning every day, which is exciting. I also think the people that work here are inspiring and very smart. I can feel the motivation, dedication, and commitment everyone has towards making a difference.”

Alba, Accounting & Finance

“I am a people person who is motivated by working within a group to achieve specific goals and projects, so Alpine’s team-drive culture is very exciting to me!”

Kendel, Operations

“Two things motivate me. First, I love the scientific process and the necessary problem solving needed to do good science – figuring out an unexpected result can be the highlight of my day! More broadly, I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with such talented, fun coworkers to develop therapies that will help people live better, longer lives. I find that there is joy in being able to apply one’s talents in such a meaningful pursuit.”

Mark, Translational Sciences

We Grow Stronger Together

At Alpine, we strive to create a safe, respectful, and inspiring environment where our team engages with each other authentically, bringing their work and life experiences to the table.

We seek to lead the next evolution of immunotherapies powered by the diversity of our therapeutic libraries and approaches. We understand that our success equally relies on diversity in our human team. Therefore, we aspire to be industry leaders in our commitment to foster inclusion and belonging.

We put this commitment into practice through ALPINE:

A – Advocate for people from under-represented and marginalized groups.
L – Listen to our colleagues with respect and mutuality.
P – Promote equal footing for every Alpine employee to do their best work and reach their potential.
I – Instill active learning about unconscious bias and tilted power structures in these changing times.
N – Navigate to fulfill our mission of creating novel biotherapeutics by fostering a diverse, rich, and connected team.
E – Embrace all races, religions, nationalities, physical or mental disabilities, ages, experience levels, gender identities, and sexual orientation.