Proprietary Directed Evolution Platform

Our proprietary scientific platform converts native immune system proteins into differentiated, multi-targeted therapeutics potentially capable of modulating the human immune system and significantly improving outcomes in patients with serious diseases. Our scientists use directed evolution, an iterative scientific engineering process, to purposefully modify native proteins for a desired therapeutic function.

Our Directed Evolution Scientific Platform

Directed Evolution Platform

Alpineā€™s Unique Advantage: Transforming Native Immune Proteins Into Novel Multi-Functional Therapeutic Candidates

Targets to vIgDs and vTDs

Transforming Native Immune System Proteins

We have successfully applied our scientific platform to several of these powerful costimulatory and immunosuppressive proteins. Our scientific platform is generally able to improve upon the activity of these native IgSF or TNFSF/TNFRSF proteins, transforming them into therapeutic candidates with an enhanced ability to bind multiple targets.

Highly Flexible Formatting

Because of our platform’s unique attributes, the multispecific proteins we create are highly flexible in regard to final formatting. In many cases, a single directed evolution campaign can result in multiple proteins suitable for use in several final formats.

Modular Nature of vIgDs and vTDs Facilitate Multiple Therapeutic Formats